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Where we are today

Hebron Evangelical Church, or simply "Hebron", is an independent church which is affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance and enjoys fellowship with all Evangelicals of whatever denominational label and with other local churches. Long Ashton is a popular and expanding village close to Bristol and currently has approximately 6000 residents. Some are life-long residents while over recent years there has been an influx of newcomers who have moved from Bristol or further afield to enjoy the wonderful community and accessible countryside that Long Ashton offers. There is one other church, the Anglican Parish church of All Saints with whom we have a good and developing relationship, collaborating on various events and activities, including 2020's Long Ashton Christmas Trail. We are affiliated with Woodlands Church, Bristol.

Membership currently stands at around 30 with an average Sunday morning congregation of around 50. Hebron is an exciting mixture of people from varied backgrounds:- Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, Anglican and Roman Catholic. Ages range from the cradle to the 80s.

Where we are coming from

In the later 1920s a young Christian, Ernest Dyer, and his sister came out from Bristol every Sunday and held a Sunday School for the children of Long Ashton. He built a meeting place on Providence Lane which also doubled as his home. Hebron was officially established as a church in 1934, with Ernest Dyer as the Pastor, a position he occupied until his death in 1967. The church was named “Hebron” because an aim was for it to be a “place of refuge” and in reference to Joshua 14 v14 where Caleb is given Hebron within the Promised Land "because he followed the LORD, the God of Israel, wholeheartedly".

During the 1930s and 1940s, Dr Vernon Charley, who developed the blackcurrant drink Ribena whilst at the Long Ashton Research Station, was the organist and an Elder of the Church. During the 1950s, Roger T Forster, founder of Ichthus Christian Fellowship was a regular preacher whilst doing National Service with the RAF.

Since then much has changed but Hebron has remained a thriving church, seeking to worship and serve Jesus within our community.